Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ditch Patrol 2010

The shortened version of the DP 2010 got underway in early April. Am going to have to have surgery on my elbow next Wed. which will basically put me out of commission for about a month at least. Have a non MS related ulnar nerve compression at the elbow that needs fixin' so I don't lose most of my L hand function.

This beauty is Sanguinaria (commonly called "Bloodroot") that is about our earliest spring wildflower not counting the little Crocus that is
cultivated. I looked for it for years before finding a small group of this uncommon flower over in Wilderness battlefield last year. It's absolutely gorgeous
with the pristine white petals surrounding the bright yellow stamens. These belong to the Poppy family and to a group of plants called spring ephemerals
(ephemeral meaning transitory or quickly fading) in that they complete their brief life cycle in early spring before the trees set their leaves.

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