Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cape May Spring 2010

Our semi annual trip to Cape May was, as usual, a very relaxing time especially for Pam who relishes some time w/o phones ringing, professors complaining and the usual rigmarole of day to day work. Weather was clear and down right cold for a few days as the wind typically blows in off the ocean which is still in the 50's temperature wise. Clear skies also make for drab sunsets so the lighthouse photos are less than spectacular. Others on the blog from prior years are much better.

Cape May is very much a seasonal town with not a lot going on between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Guess that's what we enjoy most about the off season plus it becomes affordable! In season equals $$$$$$ ;o)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There're back!

In spite of the very cold temps of late, our H'birds arrived. Bet they wish they were back in sunny Central America!
It seems a few males precede the main flock which dribble in over the next few weeks.
If you feed these tiny guys, it's a good idea to put out a least one feeder now (one part table sugar/4 parts water without need for red food coloring as most feeders have enough red
on them) which ups your odds they'll stay. I generally don't start working with them for a month or so to let them settle in and begin nesting and the jury is still out on my arm. I got
the miserable splint apparatus off my arm (YES!!!) but as of now don't have enough strength or dexterity in my hand to handle lenses etc. and droppin' one isn't something I care to do!

One of our prior hummers lookin' me over. Incredibly, they can make a 4000 mile round trip flight and return to the same feeder year after year!

Ditch Patrol 2010

The shortened version of the DP 2010 got underway in early April. Am going to have to have surgery on my elbow next Wed. which will basically put me out of commission for about a month at least. Have a non MS related ulnar nerve compression at the elbow that needs fixin' so I don't lose most of my L hand function.

This beauty is Sanguinaria (commonly called "Bloodroot") that is about our earliest spring wildflower not counting the little Crocus that is
cultivated. I looked for it for years before finding a small group of this uncommon flower over in Wilderness battlefield last year. It's absolutely gorgeous
with the pristine white petals surrounding the bright yellow stamens. These belong to the Poppy family and to a group of plants called spring ephemerals
(ephemeral meaning transitory or quickly fading) in that they complete their brief life cycle in early spring before the trees set their leaves.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


We've had the pleasure this winter (thanks to all the snow) of seeing Bluebirds at our suet feeder! Except for once, I cannot recall ever seeing one visit our feeders in 23 years and have often wondered how they survive periods of bitter cold and snow. The brilliant blue of the male contrasts sharply with the snow. The distracting background in the pics is a snow covered Hemlock about 15 yards behind them which I couldn't do much with. The female is much duller with some bright blue in her wings. These are members of the Thrush family that included the Wood and Hermit Thrush, the Veery and Robins. Have attached a number of different "poses" of the male as subtle changes in head position etc make some shots more pleasing. What gorgeous little creatures! Enjoy!

Let it snow!

The winter of 09 will go down in the record books as one of the coldest and snowiest ever! I used to love the cold and snow but with my current physical limitations it's just a huge hassle! Pam has had to take on the snow removal chores with the help of a marvelous machine called a snow blower with which she's got quite proficient. I happened to be in Home Depot several years ago in March when they threw a half price clearance tag on snow blowers. They didn't have to ask twice!
Above are a few shots of Pam at work with her trusty supervisor Sam looking on. Is quite amusing to watch him in the snow. He gets a running start and dives in going completly under if there's a lot. Does the same thing with large piles of leaves.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Pam and I want to wish our MANY friends and family a very happy New Year! We know of several family members and friends that have had a very trying and difficult 09 and are more than happy to bid the year good riddance. Our prayers are that 2010 will be much better!


bruce and pam

Shot the photo above several years ago on a bitter cold, windy and snowy day very much like last Friday. Amid the bleak snowy woods this Cardinal, his feathers ruffled by the wind, sure added a touch of elegance to an otherwise dismal day.