Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Pam has reminded me on a number of occasions now that I haven't posted any photos of our "new" yellow Lab 'Sam'. As we will soon have had him a year I figured I better get busy.

We had to put our beloved black Lab 'Dewey' to sleep last October. Pam contacted the professional dog trainer from whom we got Dewey to see if he had or knew of any available pups. He didn't but mentioned he had an 18 month old yellow Lab that had been boarded and then abandoned at his kennel. He thought he'd make an excellent dog for us so we went out to see him and, you guessed it, it was love at first sight. We picked him up the following week.

He's all Lab - energetic, a lover, tail always going, eager to please and is real quick to catch on to new commands. He is also somewhat of a juvenile delinquent at times but aren't they all!

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