Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tiny lady

The Ditch patrol is slow as the flora transition into summer but things are cookin' on the hummer front! Don't know how many we have but they're at the feeders every few minutes and I'm tired of refilling the dang things.

This little female showed up while I was setting up the other day. They aren't shy! I shot this w/o flash with the only lighting being a blazing overhead noon sun, the worst lightning there is. I started to trash it (where 95% of mine go) but it grew on me and I kinda like it. Gives her a sort of mysterious look especially when you factor in the omnipresent beady eye. The shutter speed here is 1/1,000 of a second if I recall which is no where near fast enough to freeze her wings but I like the blur as that is how we usually see them.
I frequently get asked how the heck do you get pics of these tiny guys so I'll put together a tutorial of how I do it and add some links to other sites from which I got the info. They're beyond doubt the toughest nature subject to photograph but there are some tricks and techniques that shift the odds in your favor.

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